hi i hope this is not a stupid question to ask. i have been since christmas congested and wheezy. it has been in my chest and a head cold too. it never really seems to leave. i am wheezy as well and have some inhalors but the antibiotics seem to help for a few days and then bamm back again. lately i have been a bit panicky about this. i go to my cardiologist friday.i hope it can be helped. anyone else had anything similar? my pulse is fine regular and i seem okay otherwise. so thanks ahead of time for responding if anyone can relate. i worry when i read some of the posts about complications. thanks jessie


Dont worry

by Robshahamat - 2007-05-30 11:05:15

Hi jessie
I had kind of similar problem, even before pm, so first I thought chest congestion and cold caused my heart problem. I had to see different specialists, they said everything is all right and I will be ok. Actually took about a few months to get rid of that, I am fine now. You are going to be ok, too. just take care of yourself. Dont hasitate to email me if you want to here more about my exprience and if you have any question.


by gaby - 2007-05-30 11:05:30

Is it possible it is allergies and not a cold.??? I suffer from allergies all year round and i know they can get quiet sever.

thank you for the support

by jessie - 2007-05-31 01:05:29

rob and gaby food for thought too. i will be following up with the doctors to find out what this is. i did have severe allergies when i was just 18. i was going in training to become a registered nurse. my allergies got so bad that at one point because of the dust and lint in the beds they asked me to think about leaving and doing something else. finally a doctor helped me and i was on prednisone for awhile. i was able to finish and become a registered nurse. now i am 65 and i feel like a big baby about my health. so i am so glad for the support. thanks jessie

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