Brain Dead

Hi all. I have had a pacemaker for about 18 months with no major problems. Tonight I was working in my little shop putting away some small parts. They were in a small metal magnetic parts tray. I put the tray on my left arm, sitting on my arm, across my chest, and was using my right hand to sort the parts into bins.
I started to feel dizzy, and weak, then realized the strong magnets were right below my pacemaker.

I moved the tray and the feelings stopped right away.

It will be interesting to see what my next interogation shows.

John S


Asyschronus Pacing

by wired - 2008-04-28 01:04:14

Hey there John,

The magnet activates a switch in the pm and each brand of pacer has a set magnet rate. Medtronic-85ppm, Guidant 100, SJM 98.5.. so the pm at the time doesn't care about your rate and will pace right through your intrinsic rhythm at the time. Removing the magnet or proximity to eliminate the feeling. Does it show upon interogation---No it won't. I interogate about 1500-2000 pm per year.


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