Made to feel like its all in my head


Since Christmas 2007 I have had some episode of light headedness, both arms feel heavy and numb (like when you have pins and needles, but without pins and needles sensation), awareness of my heart beating (although not too quick approx 105-115, sometimes it is low approx 60).

On Saturday 16th feb, I was sat having a drink at work when the above happened it was witnessed by my work colleges who said I went a grey colour and sweaty. From this episode I was admitted to hospital overnight and monitored, No abnormal rhythm detected, bloods taken and chest x-ray carried out.
Discharge home with a pacing clinic follow up. I have had a check up in Jan when they found the battery was running low.
Can all my problems be due to a low battery, I do have a mitral valve incompetence which has not been checked for a while as it was noted to be mild, Could this have got worse and be causing my problems? Do I need reprograming?

Medical staff have made me feel like I am making up these problems.
Am I going crazy? As usually when I am well I am not able to feel my hearts every beat, like I can now.



Tilt Test

by Sharron - 2008-02-21 03:02:02

Can't remeber ever having tilt test, what happens? (Your description may jog my memory).

Since I've had the pacer (10 years) I have never passed out although I have felt like I was about to. Does it still sound like vasovagal syncope episodes?
Is there any treatment for this?

I do have atrial fib and an albation was mentioned prior to discharge at the weekend, when I have read other posts I am not sure if this sounds like a good idea. Will it make matters worse or beter than they are?
If it is a risk that the episode may become worse or stay the same then I will some how have to learn to cope with these episodes and not have the procedure.

Thank you both so much for your replies



by GCWebb - 2008-02-21 03:02:41

No you're not crazy, I fought problems for three years and only when I was in Dr office at time of rhythym problems or pressure changes , which happened twice did I make believers though no one could offer explanations until heart failed then 2 wire PM replaced with four lead defib. And my problems seem gone

Good luck


I too am in the same boat

by gmnordy - 2008-02-21 09:02:51

I have episodes that cannot be explained. I go very pale(according to dh), get light headed, dizzy and sometimes even black out. I have been having some v tach issues but they are not all the time. I find that stress does make me have more episodes and have been trying to manage that. It just means more pills.
Have you ever had a tilt table test?

V V S ?

by boatman50 - 2008-02-21 11:02:11

It sounds like you are both having V V S spells. I would get checked by an EP and see what they say. The symptoms you describe are just like what I get when I have one of them. The cardiologist and his staff never did help me and finally sent me to the Ep. He has helped me very much. It can't hurt to ask! Good luck to you both, Boatman.

Low battery

by ElectricFrank - 2008-02-22 12:02:19

The low battery you mentioned may be the problem. Why haven't they scheduled you for a replacement. The problem with a low battery is that the pacer may seem to be working OK most of the time. Then something happens that increase the demand on it and the battery can't handle it. Kind of like a flashlight with a low battery. If you just turn it on for a minute or so it may seem OK, but try using it to change a tire!


same pacemaker, same problems!

by Morag - 2008-03-17 05:03:05

Hi Sharron,

I have been having the same symptoms for 2 weeks - since my last pacemaker check when they said I had some atrial fibrillation. I have also had several ECGs and bloods and everything has been fine and the pacemaker has been checked again today. I notice you have the same pacemaker as me - St Jude Medical Identity and mine was implanted in 2004 as a box change also. This makes me wonder if it is a problem with the pacemaker or some software update within the pacemaker at the check?

Please let us know if you get any answers as I have been told to wait for my appointment with the specialist.

P.S. I had my PM for 3rd degree block but I also have mitral and tricuspid incompetence.

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