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I have been on 5mg of pindolol but kept getting severe muscle cramps. Yesterday the doc switched me to toprol xl. I was wondering if anyone has experience with toprol xl?

Thanks, boatman



by $6Mman - 2007-03-22 06:03:36

Started on 50mg, and currently 100mg. Keeps the BP down, can make you tired, but I got past most of that. Dry, and a little dry cough so I carry water.

Toprol--Not for me!

by ronestridge - 2007-03-22 11:03:17

I was on 100mg/day of Toprol XL for 7 months after receiving my PM last June. The side effects were terrible--felt fatigued all of the time, was very irritable, had leg muscle problems, libido was reduced, gained 15 lbs, etc. Changed to Cardizem LA in January and now feel 100% better and my BP is still under control.

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