Anemic now!

I posted after my EP said my symptoms were not because of my PM. My PCP ordered bloodwork and it turns out that I am pretty seriously anemic. My levels are very low and she says that would cause my symptoms. I am now on iron supplements and will retest in three months. Has anyone else gone on the low fat, low cholesterol (eat nothing but chicken) diet only to turn up anemic? Well, at least I know my EP isn't clueless!



by $6Mman - 2007-03-22 06:03:15

I received the defib/pm in February 2006. In June, I went into renal failure because of too much lasix. The diuretic was depleted me of fluids. With that straightened out I became anemic and required three transfusions before they would release me from the hospital. Which is worse, the disease or the cure? :-) I've embraced this "lousy" diet and have enjoyed it. The best part can be when I know how I can cheat and balance it out with fruit and veggies. Balance out your proteins with the low carbs. That's what I've done if it's any help, but I've never heard of becoming anemic from chicken. Be well! $6Mman (Adam)


by jessie - 2007-03-22 11:03:15

you are truly an inspiration. if you cheat balance it out with fruit and veggies haha so what is the lousy diet or did i ask you before? my memory is failing me at times. so i would seriously like to know. i am going to weight watchers wednesday and try to shed these pounds from winter hehe jessie

More than just chicken

by hooimom - 2007-03-25 02:03:40

I don't actually eat only chicken, just seems like it sometimes. I have cut out most red meat, which in the searches I have done, seems to be a source of iron.
It might not even be related to the diet, I don't know. I may just be one of the many women who are anemic. I am just hoping that the iron supplements take care of the problem and I don't need those blood transfusions. Thanks for your response $6Mman.

Good luck with Weight Watchers Jessie!

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