is this very unusual?

I had my Pm Last August all seems fine, the reason I had it was because of a result from a holter monitor which showed I had 55 nocturnal pauses for over 2seconds and one pause of 4.5 second due to a second degree AV block, but I had other tests such ultra sound etc... and showed my heart was actually in very good shape!
but I have noticed something and wonder is this very unusual? I noticed sometimes that my heart seems to pace a bit fast not over the top! but say 100 bpm just by doing nothing at that particular time, but I had gone for a long walk hours before! cant see it relating to that? but is this unusual? It doesn’t really bother me that much and it doesn’t happen too often! I was just wondering that’s all! Seeming I had the PM because of the slow and long pause nocturnal, but now this is the opposite! I had my PM rate response also turned off!
I take this opportunity to say HI to Smitty and Electric Frank whom have been a tremendous support for me in the past!


high rate

by mechanicalme - 2007-05-04 08:05:23

with 3rd degree heart block and apacemaker set at 50 beats an indicator of a high rate during exercise is common for my son. It goes up toward 200 bpm
scary to me but apparently not unusual as he has tachycardia and bradycardia as well as the 3rd degree block. My daughter has 1st degree block, I wonder if it will progress to 2nd, that is what you have and a pacer?
You should still talk to your cardio

high rate

by Georgeg - 2007-05-04 11:05:34

thanks for your reply, yeah I suppose I should mention it, my case wasn't a case where av block went from 1st to 2nd degree? mine was simply because I kept getting this chronic cough always following my exercises! no one could work it out?
I was the one who insisted on having more tests, and this is when I found out after having a holter monitor test! they realised my coughing was because the signal av block was causing delays and made me cough! Now it`s so much better! but I still occasionally get a bit of a cough sometimes even 3 hours after a long walk and this is why I wrote and asked is it very unusual that my heart bpm rate goes to 100 bpm even such a long time following my exercises? but thank you for your info. so far! and hope things really improves for your son and daughter!

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