Remote interrogation - Guidant

Hi Everyone - Those of you with Guidant pacemakers like me I have a question for you. Did any of you receive an unsolicited remote interrogation setup from Guidant. Yesterday I talked to a good friend who lives about 20 miles from me though not at all rural and he received via FedEx a letter telling him he would receive the device via FedEx within the next week. It arrived & he hooked it up and has been interrogated twice since then and will be interrogated again next Monday. He tells me the light goes on when he is due to hook up. Do you suppose this is one way Guidant is trying to know when the recalled devices are not working correctly? Do they think they can catch a malfunction before it becomes lifethreatening? This certainly raised my interest. I sent an email to Guidant but have not yet heard from anyone. I asked if this was going to be standard procedure for all of us with recalled devices or what the reason was. My friend is seeing his cardio today and will ask what he knows about it. Would appreciate any comments. Thanks.


remote interrogation-guidant

by luckyloo - 2007-06-20 09:06:31

dear sharon,

i still have my recalled guidant ventrak prism 2 ICD inside me. my dr. set me up with this too but was saying it is just more of a convenience for me. i don't need to go in and get the leads played with either. this interrogation is suppose to tell all kinds of things too. i asked about billing and he said you get a bill quarterly. i don't know how much it is for each interrogation though. supposedly guidant never bills the patient only the dr. that reads the interrogation. i have yet to see a bill. i guess i have some more questions to ask.

my device gets interrogated every monday.

take care,

Remote interrogation - guidant

by sweetkozy - 2007-06-21 12:06:03

I have a guidant PM and it wasn't on the recall list the last time I checked. I have not received any letters or devices for interrogation. It's surely interesting and good to know!


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