We got our dog!

Hi Everyone - For those of you who were on this site a month ago you know our little 10 y/o poodle, Charlie, died March 2 from a heart attack. All you dog lovers know exactly what my husband and I went through. My kids and grandkids, too. Well, Sunday, April 1 we adopted a little 2.5 y/o blond-colored, male miniature poodle. I started looking online just a couple of days after we lost our Charlie. We knew we wanted a rescued poodle if we could possibly find one locally. We named him, Shuggie, which is our 23 y/o grandson's nickname. He is a wonderful little dog; housebroken, follows basic commands, and is a real lover. I thank you all again for your postings and prayers which meant so much to me. I'll always remember how kind everyone of you is. Our prayers were answered when this little furbaby came into our lives. It definitely feels like our little world is right again. While looking we saw so many beautiful dogs of all breeds who are waiting to be adopted. If you are looking for a pet I strongly urge you to go through one of these rescue/adoption agencies rather than a breeder or pet store to at least see if you can find the pet you are looking for. When we went to see Shuggie we were amazed at what the "foster mom" had available for adoption: dogs, goats, llamas, chickens, ducks, 2 of the most beautiful roosters I have ever seen and one giant African turtle. Made me wish I had a huge piece of property. Well, enough of that since this is a pacemaker website. Just wanted everyone to know that God is so good!


The New Baby

by lenora - 2007-04-04 06:04:22

That's wonderful news, Sharon! You and Shuggie were meant to find each other. I didn't think after Bandit died at age 16 I'd ever want a new baby but after a few months I was stopping by the dog park on the way home from work to watch other people with their furkids (and cry a little), and I knew it was time. Abbey's a pure bred basenji from a breeder, but I bought my first basenji many years ago from the Humane Society for $3.00! That was long before you ever heard the words spay and neuter, of course. Give the new little one an extra hug for me. Lenora


by bambi - 2007-04-05 11:04:11

Hi Sharon,
What wonderful news that puppy and parents have found each other! I adore animals [have 5 cats and a 10 month old puppy] and I know how devastating it is to lose a beloved member of the family! Enjoy the new little one! Bambi

re: we got our dog

by teen - 2007-05-09 05:05:43

hi sharon
i am new to the club as my son had a pm fitted four weeks ago and i was looking for information. i am glad i came upon this club as it is so interesting and informative to read all the comments.

we have two lovely cavaleir king charles spaniels called spencer and taylor. i dread to think how it would be in our house if anything happened to our boys. spencer was a gift to my daughter from her brother because she was going through a bad time with seizures and he helped her so much. trina and spencer have such a bond between them. taylor was bought by my son because we loved our first one so much but he is a different character, so loving though and we wouldn't part with any of them.

so sharon, enjoy your shuggie as he is already a family member.
P.S. is this a scottish name?

nice to meet you

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