Lawn mowing.....

With the lawn mowing season fast many cut the lawn with a gas or electric mower? In doing so, do you notice anything different happening - numbness in that arm, tightness? Do you have any concerns with this happening or does the feeling(s) subside?


no concerns

by randrews - 2007-05-14 10:05:44

I've been mowing and had no noticable issues with my pm. I was specifically told by the doctors nurse not to mow for 6 weeks after the implant but it's all good now.

lawn mowing

by CathrynB - 2007-05-14 11:05:04

I've used an electric mower and had no problems. I've read that you shouldn't take a nap on top of, or hug, the gas lawn mower while it's operating. But I've never been tempted to do either of those things. Happy mowing, and if doing the mowing makes you feel weird or bad, then STOP -- great excuse to make the hubby/kids/neighbor/friend do it for you! Take care, Cathryn

Using Lawn Equipment

by SMITTY - 2007-05-14 11:05:35

Hi Suzzy,

I have used a gas riding mower, gas powered push mower, electric edger, electric weed eater and electric hedge clippers every year since I got my PM in 2000 and have never noticed a problem. This year I have used the mowers only once, but not out of concern for my PM, I have been a little puny, but I think that will all be behind me soon and I’ll be back to doing my yard work. My wife says I'm so cantankerous that no one else can please me and that is the reason I insist on doing it myself. She is probably right, but I would never let her know I agree.

I have a dual lead PM and for a few months a couple of years ago I had the rate response activated and the jostling and vibration I got on the riding mower made that thing think I was jogging I guess. Anyway, it insisted on cranking my heart rate up each time I used the mower and things would get out of sync and hurt. So, if you have a PM with the rate response activated you might want to be to be careful that it doesn’t have your heart beating unnecessarily fast.

Where do you live that grass cutting is just coming into the picture. We have been cutting grass in Central Texas since early April. In fact I cut our grass the weekend before Easter and then we had a 4" snow on Easter. That was a first for the area since weather data has been recorded. It was pretty but it made finding the Easter eggs tough.

I have cussed my PM as much as anyone could ever cuss one, but I have to admit it has made my yard work much more enjoyable. So have fun and don’t worry about that PM.


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