Good Morning Fellow Pacers,
I am scheduled to have lead extraction and a whole new unit installed in Burbank on May 16th. The surgeon noted that I would be getting a Zephyr model from St. Jude. I realize the press release just came out on this yesterday but I wondered if anyone oversees has already gotten this model and if so how do you feel it is working? I currently have an older St. Jude model and have had so many problems (this is my 4th surgical procedure in 2 years). The problems of course appear to be related more to leads and placement rather than the PM however, with something so new I wonder if it will be like Windows Vista where they are still "working out the bugs"...... If anyone has any feedback on this model I would love to hear from you. Also, if anyone has any experience with lead extraction on passive fixation leads in both the Atrial and Ventricle areas of the heart with Dr. Raymond Schaerf at Providence St. Joseph hospital I would appreciate hearing about that as well. Thank you all for the support and information this site provides.


Lead Replacement

by heckboy - 2007-05-05 12:05:31

Can you tell us why your leads are being extracted? I understand that because of the (statistically light) risk involved, most of the time leads are left in when a PM is replaced.

Please post an update after the procedure.

Things are working right

by swilson10 - 2007-05-06 12:05:15

My entire PM system is being extracted due to multiple displacements and minor infections. Also, the doctors mentioned that at my age (29) it is not a good idea to begin leaving non-functioning hardware building up on the heart.

I will definitely update you all sometime after the 16th when I have the surgery. Thanks for the support.

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