I'm Implanted! - Day 1

Finally! I had a Medtronics Adapata (RDL model with larger battery-dual chamber paced at 60-104) implanted yesterday. I want to thank everyone here for their support and encouragement. My situation was a problem with exercise (sometimes just plain exertion of any kind) intolerance which led to a lower heartbeat. My real problems started after exercise when I would experience real brady. I also had started experiencing elevated BP (150/100) range.

I got the 2 month sentence (lol). I don't understand how some in here were able to go back to regular activity much sooner. No driving for a week. I am on Inderal which has helped to bring my BP down and I have to say that right now I'm feeling much better than I have in a long time. My resting heart rate seems to have gone down compared to what it used to be.60 instead of 80. Maybe it's the drug. How can I feel good at 60 when I used to need 80? Thanks again to everyone for the input provided in many posts. I'll post my experiences when I get back to normal routine


Glad for you

by Suze - 2008-01-12 04:01:05

I'm happy that it's going well for you. Many on this forum have said that they felt better after the implant than for a long time before.
I think the setting for the lowest/resting heart rate is different for everyone. Mine is set at 60 for sleeping and 65 for resting while sitting up. They can tweak the settings over the next few months if you have problems. Don't be timid about voicing your concerns.

Anyway, thanks for the positive update.


Congrats On Your New Pacer

by OIMAPRINCESS2477 - 2008-01-12 06:01:22

Well congrats on your new pacemaker. I hope that it will work out well for you. I just got off my 2 months sentence. It was not as bad as you may think. After Two weeks my pain was almost gone. By week 3 I was in no pain at all. You will recover fast and things will be back to normal soon. Good Luck with everything :)

Brittny <3

2 months sentence?

by ElectricFrank - 2008-01-13 01:01:28

That's a new one on me. The day after my implant I walked about a mile. The next day it was up to my usual 3 miles. One of the things I did was get rid of the cheap sling they gave me and fashioned a good one out of an old cloth diaper left over from our kids in the early 60's.

My suggestion is let your body tell you what you can do. The main thing is not to raise your arm over your head for a week or so. Even there if you forget it isn't likely to do any damage.

My resting heart rate is lower also since the pacer. I have had mine over 3 years now and my HR is still lower. I wonder if it isn't more efficient.


Me, too!

by auntiesamm - 2008-01-13 04:01:28

I agree with ElectricFrank about when you can do what. I think it differs with physicians. I got my PM on Thursday, home Friday stopping at the grocery store to pick up a few things - hubby drove. Saturday we went to a social gathering and Sunday I drove myself to church. Directions were to not raise left arm above shoulder level or get the incision wet. You can still exercise your arm which is a good idea to avoid a tight or frozen shoulder. it is not common but people on here have reported it. They did send me home with a sling which almost strangled me. Tossed it out, put post-it notes on all cupboards & shelves, etc. above shoulder level as reminders and did just fine. Got my PM in May '06 and have had no problems since. Paced 100% in the ventricle and 56% in the atrium. Min rate is 60. Good luck and God bless you and your pacer. Sharon

Suze & Frank

by axg9504 - 2008-01-13 06:01:02

It's the Inderal that's keeping my rate low. 60's when I'm resting whereas it used to be 76-80. I just went for a 1 mile walk (3rd day), slowly, and my rate never went over 85! Sharon: my min rate is also 60. First night I was paced 30% due to my natural pacer dipping to 58 when asleep.

Don't understand driving restriction either

by axg9504 - 2008-01-13 09:01:27

The written discharge instructions said 'two weeks no driving' but the doc whittled that down to one week. Suits me - I don't have to go to work as I have no one to drive. I did get the sling (it doesn't look cheap, it has two pieces, one to hold the arm across the stomach and another to go around the waist to prevent the arm from moving outward. I used it some while in the hosp. no one pushed me to use it so I will dispense with it. I won't forget and raise my arm so I don't need it. I'm allowed to walk! I'm itching to get back to fast walking and trying to run again after many years. My other problem is the Inderal. It has lowered my BP and hopefully will help with my arrhythmia (accelerated junctional ). But I don't like taking any pills (didn't take any pain meds. - didn't need it after surgery) and I also read that it may lead to decreased you know what drive. I don't want to be taking another pill!

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