URGENT - advice on INR test in Canada

I am going off to Toronto in a couple of days, and my INR test for my warfarin / coumadin? has increased today and my doctor has asked me to get mt blood checked while I am away.

So I am looking for any advice on how this is carried out in Toronto, would I need to contact a medical centre, or go to a hospital?

Obviously it would cost me, any idea how much it is likely to be?

I can only access this site until 8am UK time on Tuesday morning, so do not respond after this time.


inr test

by TOGUY - 2008-04-28 03:04:13

can you get an Rx from your doctor for the inr test?
I would go to the lab of any of the downtown hospitals and I'm sure they will do the test.
I get my inr done every week at my local lab but you must have a Rx from a local doctor.There are many walk-in clinics all over the city and I'm sure you can get the test done without any hassles.Good luck have a great stay in Toronto.


by Shell - 2008-04-28 04:04:25

Rx= prescription (or since it's lab work you may need lab orders)


by jkchelse - 2008-04-28 04:04:30

National Medical will cover the cost if you have an Rx for the test. It's a beautiful thing - everyone gets healthcare in Canada and it shouldn't cost you anything.


by ScottishTom - 2008-04-28 04:04:46

What is an Rx ?


by ScottishTom - 2008-04-28 05:04:29

Thanks for your assistance

Not So

by Nuka - 2008-04-28 05:04:57

I'm afraid the above information is not quite accurate. Free medical care in Canada is available to Canadian Citizens only who carry a Government issued Medical Card. Since you say you are in the UK I assume you are not a residing Canadian Citizen.

You should bring a letter from your doctor explaining your condition, Warfarin dosage and the doctor's desirec INR level. Since you seem to be in a time crunch it is probably too late for you to obtain this. Therefore, I would suggest you take your pills with you in their original container and go to a walk-in clinic. It is hoped that you know what your INR level is to be. This varies according to the doctor and other factors.

Welcome to Canada and I hope you enjoy Toronto.



by jessie - 2008-04-29 12:04:19

if you have insurance check if it is covered. or pay for it. it won't be expensive maybe less than you would think. have a requisition from your dr. register at any registration in toronto's hospitals say mount siani then go to lab and give them the req. either wait for results or best thing is to register for e.r. and then have dr. there read results. good luck no problem my husband travels all over and had to get this done a few times. jess

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