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a support group for members to actually meet in Edmonton, Alberta.

Take care all & keep smiling



support group

by plumberman - 2007-04-03 06:04:20

Hi Suzzy: Count me in if you hear of one. I was trying to start a group a while back but found out I just wasn't ready, health wise, to do anything about it so I had to let it slide.Now I'm back working (I commute to Grande Prairie each week) but would love to get together with some new folks. count me in, for sure!! Marty

Good evening..........

by Suzzy - 2007-04-04 10:04:20

I am for meeting individuals face-to-face. This site helps for support purposes. However, it would help even more to meet others in the same situation.

Just came back to this site.....it has changed so much. It is going to take some getting use too.

Got to run,

aka - Suzzy

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