That weird "whew" feeling with NCS

I was going to post to an earlier topic but have had computer problems, so I thought I would start my own topic. I also get strange feelings due to NCS like ela-girl described. When it happens to me it occurs about 5-6 times in one day and then not again for a month or so. Something just happens to your brain for a short moment and all these weird thoughts rush in at once. A while ago I was having one of these days. I was at work in the tea room and while I was walking with a full cup of hot tea it hit me. Nothing happened to the tea cup and I went outside to sit down to drink my tea. Someone just happened to look at me at this time and asked me if I was okay as I must have turned white. The colour quickly came back and I continued on with my day. I have never had one of these attacks while driving and I am pretty sure I would be alright if I did as it is over in a split second. I was just wondering if anyone else has been driving while this has occurred. In Australia you need an annual driving medical if you have a PM and had a history of passing out before the PM.
I wish I knew what the trigger was for these bad days. I don't think stress or hot weather helps. I am going to France in a few weeks and I know I will be in for one of these days due to jet lag, as a couple of years ago I also went overseas and the same thing happened. It is not a very nice feeling but I can continue on with the day.My cardiologist says that when it happens to me that my blood pressure drops to almost zero but the PM prevents me from fainting.


Deja Vu?

by oldhamtrader - 2007-04-30 05:04:47

I had a strange feeling like that before I received my PM.
It was a deja vu feelling, It felt like I had been there before, very strange feeling. My doctor told me the reason I was having this feeling was I was going in and out of conciousness and so I had just been there. He said it is a very common for people to describe this feeling when their heart beat slows down too slow to the point of unconciousness. You might ask your doctor why they don't set your pm so your heart rate doesn't drop so low. Not meaning to scare you but yes I have had this happen when I was driving(pre pm). I went across the median on a very busy interstate and was headed toward the traffic coming in the opposite direction. I woke up to my wife screaming and sitting on me. Luckily she steered us away from the traffic and got us stopped. Let us know how things turn out.
I will be praying for you.

what is NCS?

by randrews - 2007-04-30 10:04:34

This all sounds familier but I don't know what NCS is.

what is NCS

by busby - 2007-05-01 08:05:06

Rusty, I'm sorry about the NCS. I guess when you look up something enough you just end up calling it by it's initials. NCS stands for neurocardiogenic syncope, which depending on the doctor or country is also called vasovagal syncope (VVS) or others call it neurally mediated syncope. I have also been diagnosed with sick sinus syndrome (SSS). Maybe we should get a list of what all the initials stand for.
I have had my PM for almost 4 yrs. At first I was told not to do too much exercise, but after a couple of months I was back at the gym. I took it slowly at first. Now I am quite fit and can do aerobic and weight lifting classes. Sometimes I feel a little tired, but I am now a lot fitter than I ever was before the PM. I have just started doing Pilates and I actually think it is helping my condition as I have not had a bad day now for a couple of months. I am still worried about my trip to France with the jet lag effect.I know you have only recently got your PM so take it easy and you should be back to your old fitness level in no time.

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