Would Love Gym Workout Advice

Hello all,
I am 22 female and have had a pacemaker since a baby. (It’s now located in my collar bone). I never was much for exercise but just recently joined a gym. I am getting bored with the treadmill (I do a fast walk then run for about a minute then slow down, then speed back up, etc.) I also do the bike and have taken a couple pilates classes.
My question is what are some other good exercises to do at the gym? I feel like I get too tired on the elliptical and don’t do many of the machines because I have no strength in my left arm.
Any advice is helpful :)
Thank you.


Ask for a training session.

by boatman50 - 2008-01-15 11:01:02

You can always ask the gyms trainers for a session to learn about the different machines available for you to use. Some sort of strenght training would be good as well as cardio. Even if you start out very light you will see improvement in a short time. You don't need to get huge, just work those muscles!. Alternate your routine, use the treadmill one day, the rowing machine another and so on. At 51 and after years of lifting, I have switched to doing more cardio and less strength training. Anything is better then nothing.
Best of luck to you, Boatman

whatever works

by CathrynB - 2008-01-16 02:01:55

Hey butterflz24,
The best exercises to do at the gym are whatever activities you enjoy enough to keep doing them over a lifetime, as regular exercise will postively impact your quality of life and help keep your heart as healthy as it can be (I'm sure you know this already -- sorry if that sounds preachy! :-)
Different people like different activities, so that's why I say do whatever you most enjoy. I'm a runner, but most people I know hate that. I think an important thing with the gym is to vary your activities over time as it gets boring to do the same old thing all the time. Swimming is great, stairmaster, elliptical, rowing machine, treadmill -- you can do it all. And when the weather outside is nice, do something outside instead, just to keep things varied. Walking, with or without a little jogging interspersed, riding a bicycle, whatever will keep you active. Rollerblading perhaps?
You've already taken the most important step -- joining the gym and getting started -- now you just need to figure out how keep your motivation up for it. Yoga, dance classes, whatever they offer at your gym is good. Your strength and stamina will build up over time, and you'll find you can do more and stay with it longer.
Take care and have fun,


by janetinak - 2008-01-16 03:01:15

I love the pool, walking, biking on a "noodles", etc. Very forgiving of any level of activity.


Vary your workout

by psych29 - 2008-01-19 04:01:20

I agree with the suggestions to vary your workout. It does get rather boring doing the same thing every day, and I think, too, that one needs to ensure a "total" body workout over the course of a week. That is focus on the upper body two or three days a week, and the lower body for two or three days a week for strength training. Probably a preponderance of exercise should focus on cardio. As you know, in the gym there are limited options for cardio: treadmill, elliptical, arc, stair climber, etc. Since I'm a psychologist, I know a lot of what we do is in our mind and how we talk to ourselves to get motivated. I go to the gym five days a week whether I want to or not just because I owe it to myself to keep myself as healthy and strong as I can. I usually feel better mentally and physically, and besides, I don't have to deal with the guilt.

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