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I'm looking at possibly having my pacemaker replaced in the near future (or whenever the battery dies) and mine is pretty old, so its bigger than the ones are now. My question is, won't the pocket be too big?? Is it going to look funny?? And what if I decide not to get one put back in at all (this may be an option for me) will it leave a large indent?? I had my PM put in when I was 11, so the muscle grew around, its flat , doesn't stick out at all. Thanks for any info!! -Patti


Good question

by admin - 2007-04-01 09:04:40


My experience is that a newer device will be a little smaller. This means that your pocket will be somewhat too large, but nothing noticable. The body is amazing as the blank space will be filled with tissue very quickly.


No problems

by tricky45 - 2007-04-02 08:04:00

Hi Patti, I wouldnt worry too much, the body always tries to fill an empty space and more tissue will grow around it pretty quick, the pocket is artificial so space will not remain.
Hope this aleviates your worries

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