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Hi everybody,
This is my first posting although I've had my pacemaker since December 2005.

I just recently received my CareLink home monitor and sent off my first transmission to my cardiologist's office about a week ago. Does anybody use this method of reporting rather than an in-person evaluation? And, if so, do you feel it is as effective as in-person visits? Makes me a little nervous for some reason.


Phone Line Monitor

by fluffy38 - 2008-04-28 11:04:15

I have sent in several transmissions, and the techs always call me within a day to let me know what the results are. Hopefully this is what yours will do. I was nervous the first time because I did not know for sure it even went through, But when they called me with the results I was satisfied. I do also have vists every 3 months with the device clinic and I can talk to them abouot any concerns I have. Will yu also have in person visits with either a device clinic or you cardiologist? I have had my pm for 9 months now and have not seen the cardiologist. Once I called because I was having a problem and they had me send in an unscheduled transmission, so I feel that they are keeping very good track of me.


by ElectricFrank - 2008-04-28 11:04:37

I have been using CareLink for about 8 months or so. They set me up to have an office check every 3 months and do the CareLink monthly. I don't know what they would do as far as notifying me if I didn't have it set up for me to receive a copy of all checks. So the nurse sends me a printout with any notes the cardiologist has written on it. What gets to me is he always says my heart activity is "unremarkable". I think my heart is pretty remarkable!

As far as the CareLinks effectiveness, it prints out the same information as the pre programming test in the office. It just can't make changes.


tele check

by mytrose44444 - 2008-04-29 07:04:25

I have had my PM since 2005 i lived in colorado and only had PM checks every 6 months i recently moved to california and returned to my cardiologist that i had before the move to colorado they check my PM every 3 months using the phone check and then once a year in the office i have not used the tele check yet not scheduled til july i was also courios of the accuracy of this type of check..

valerie / mytrose44444

Tele Check

by kela - 2008-04-29 09:04:03

I do the telephone checks about every 3 months.THey do mail me the results saying how the PM is functioning. I go into see the doctor once a year then every 6 months i go into the doctors office and they do the PM check. So far everything is working just fine.

tele check

by Elke - 2008-04-29 12:04:57

I had tele checks every months for the first 6 months, now they are done every 2 months. Every 6 months I have to go for a more thourough interrogation in the office.
I have a question also. Can the technician who does the tele check tell at what percentage the pacemaker is pacing and how much my heart is working on it's own?? I don't ever seem to get a clear answer when I ask .


by Stacey28 - 2008-05-31 12:05:01

I like doing the Carelink transmissions because I'm not going to the office more than I need to. The only thing I don't like about the Carelink is that I can't personally see what information they are seeing at the office that the pacemaker is telling them.

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