unsuccessful lead revision

Am 16 mos. post PM implant for 2nd degree HB and vaso vagal syncope. Went in to have my ventricular lead replaced due to a gradual decline in its sensing ability but my Ep found scar tissue and new capillaries had grown around the lead where it enters the vein totally blocking it. After 1 1/2 hrs. attempting to insert the new lead he gave up and closed.

Now before removing the old pm and inserting a new one on the opposite side he'd like to do a tilt table test saying this will give him a lot of info on my B/P and heart rate. I only use my pm 4% of the time and before doing another surgery he wants to make sure I'm not having problems with my B/P dropping. Having 2 almost syncope's since January, if it's B/P then meds will be used...if it's heart rate drops then a new PM will be needed. Any opinions would be valued before I begin anything else.



Just my opinion ...

by admin - 2007-05-01 08:05:46

I would do the tilt test, not to avaod getting another pacemaker, but to know what is causing your symptoms.

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