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I was diagnosed with Vasovagal Syncope in 2005. I recieved a pacer on an emegency basis becuse of this and bradycardia. My question is, in reading about this condition eveything states that a blackout or fainting will only last a short time 5 or 10 minutes and the patient will recover on their own. Well I recouvered on my own but I suffered a blackout that lasted for 3 and 1/2 hours. I never went clear out. My wife said i was joking with the paramedics and nurses but had no idea where I was or what was going on. After a year + I still don't remember any of what happened. The Dr. said this was something he had never heard of and just passed it off. I was just curious if any of you out there have had a similar experiance? It still bothers me that this lasted this long, I had one other episode of 10 minutes after the implant but adjustments to the pacer after that have sttopped any recurrance. I have had no other memory loss from the episode I remember everything up till blacking out and everthing after. Feeling great now but I just wanted to see from my friends in the club if this is an isolated experiance. I know we are all different and react to thing different. I hope you are all doing as well as I have been doing. Thanks in advance for your input. Bowlrbob


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by tachybrady - 2007-04-23 04:04:12

I do not remember any of my sycope events, so I am unable to gauge how long I was out. 3 1/2 hours does sound like something else completely, though I am not a doctor. I would be inclined to visit another specialist with this question. That you appeared to be semi- concious, verbalizing with some awareness of your surroundings, does not sound like text book syncope. And again, the duration. Let us know if you get additional advice. I have a similar condition, and am under the impression that it is not that common. So many things are effected by the Vasovagal system. Just straining can cause syncope in some! Do you have record of your pulse and b.p. while you were "out?" This would tell you a great deal, and may help you to understand what your body was doing. Cheers to us, and our health.

One more thing...

by ela-girl - 2007-04-23 09:04:27

When I'd black out, I would remember up to the moment I "went" and then what was going on when I came to. With my last syncope episodes (the ones in the one day that lead to my emergency pm surgery), I came to not knowing who I was, where I was, what time of day it was, nothing. That was VERY scary. It took over 10 minutes after coming to to remember who I even was. So, I guess in a way I have had minor/temporary memory loss from my syncope.

I'm just blessed that my pacer has worked well for me so far in conjunction with my medication. I've hit my head so many times from falling over the past 4 years that I was beginning to get realy worried. I even have extra bone growth on my head from one fall!

Ok...enough of my blabbering! Keep in touch!


by ela-girl - 2007-04-23 09:04:33

Hey, bowlrbob!

I am your other syncope buddy. :) I have to tachybrady, I've never heard of a 3 1/2 hour syncope "spell" or of a syncope patient who was "chatting" with others (albeit you weren't aware of this). This seems very strange to me and may merit seeking out other doctors for opinions etc. Even if you're doing better now, I can completely understand your wanting to get to the bottom of it.

I am glad that you are doing better with your pm and that your pm was able to be adjusted some more after your syncope episode with the pm. I would be curious as to what your BP and heart rate were during your past syncope episodes versus your 3.5 hour episode. I know my BP at best during an episode was 60/40 and my heart rate 6 beats/minute. The heart/brain/vagus nerve are mysterious things at times!

Most of my blackouts would last minutes--the longest being about 6 minutes. Since having my pacer, I've had some of my funny feelings but never a blackout. Thank goodness!

I hope you are able to get the answers you're looking for!

Sorta/kinda/not really

by sboissonnas - 2007-04-24 10:04:27

Hi Bowlrbob,

I've never blacked out for nearly as long as that (longest has only been a couple of minutes), but there was one time when I was talking during it. I was a kid, maybe 10 or 12 years old, and had fainted after the omelette I was eating burned the nerve at the back of my throat. (Pain's one of my biggest triggers.) Down I went, but apparently my eyes stayed open the whole time. I don't remember it - I was off in la-la land having what I thought was a dream.

The amusing part was this: While I was "dreaming", I thought someone was trying to wake me up, but I was quite happy being asleep... So when my dad (an EMT at the time) asked me at one point "Can you breathe?", I replied "No! No, I don't want to!" (Heh...)

Anyway, not sure what to tell you about the rest of it, but I did indeed talk and "seem" to be awake during that one episode, even though I really wasn't. I don't think I've had any others like that, but several of my spells were when I was alone, so I don't know for sure. I've always known who/where I was pretty quickly after I woke up, though.

Hope you continue to feel great, and if you ever find out what really happened, let us know!!


I have similar experiences!!!

by millorange - 2007-04-24 11:04:07

I don't have any answers for you - - - next week will be a year since I went to ER the first time and I still have no answers - - - -but many times I have been "spaced out" as my husband calls it - it can last hours - - -during that time I am just lying there - eyes open and not knowing where i am or barely responding to anyone - - -afterwards I am exhausted and sleep for hours. I never remember anything during that time either - when I 'wake' up I think I just lay down.

The cardiologist here just shrugs his shoulders and says its nothing - and it doesn't seem to happen when I pass out - its one or the other. The EP says vasovagal syncope but doesn't want to do anything and my internist is fighting them both!!!! The latter says there will not be a solution until I space out or pass out with all the machines hooked up - though I have had 3 tests showing heart block no one wants to believe them because I'm a woman!!! Go figure!!!!

Unfortunately i've never had any equipment hooked up when it happens so i don't know my bp or hr??? I now have a bp machine at home and it has recorded hr as low as 39 but that isn't official enough for the doctors!!!

I would love some answers - - - because I am sick of tests, more tests and yet more tests!!!

There is nothing I want more than to find out what causes it and how to get rid of it!!!! I need to get a life back - I can't work or drive until this is sorted out!!! Not to mention my husband is sick of calls to come and pick me up when I am so dizzy I can't finish shopping or whatever I was doing!!!

If you learn anything I would be very very interested!!!! My email is


by winelover - 2007-04-24 12:04:07

When I blacked out it was never for that long, the longest maybe up to a minute, and I always came back on my own. I knew about a tenth of a second before I was going to faint but would not have time to even sit down, I would just fall to the floor and when coming to again most times I would know that it had happend but I would not be able to talk for a few minuteds.Except the first time which was probably the longest - and out in public - I had no idea what had happened or who all those people above me looking down at me were. I don't know what my BP was, only I know when having a tilt table test that my systolic was 47 before I was out.
Now my pm saves me from fainting.

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