E-stim in physical therapy

Has anyone with a pacemaker ever had e-stim to the knee or foot in physical therapy? Any problems?



by Smart Redd - 2008-07-09 10:07:36

I had electrical pulse stimulation in my lower back as part of a treatment for back pain shortly after having my ICD implanted (3-13-08). I had zero problems with the procedure or the proximity to my device.

I know it is not recommended for implant patients, but like most of the recommendations - no power tools, no scanners, etc. I got with my ICD information, it seems that the problem is having an electrical current too near the implant. You should check with the manufacturer and/or with your doctor, but I wouldn't think knee or foot therapy would cause any problem at all.



by pacergirl - 2008-07-09 11:07:04

I work for a Dr. and we no longer provide e-stim therapy. We have found that the short term benefits are just not what we want for our patients.
I have a PM and used to connect the patients to the e-stim. I NEVER ever considered using it on myself nor did my boss, the Dr.
It was never a consideration, even when short term relief may have helped me out every once in a while.
My boss, the Dr. explained that why would anyone with a PM even consider E-stim? The benefits are very short lived and it very well might interfere with the life saving PM.
At the end of the day.... it is up to the you to make this decision. It was an easy decision for me... no way, my hubby has been through enough already. Why risk it?
Just my thoughts.... Best of luck to you.

e stim

by Montyhend - 2008-08-04 12:08:40

As a physical therapist, we are taught that using many forms of Estim are strictly contraindicated with PM, we don't do it, even if the site of estim is relatively far away such as the knee or ankle. I often wonder if the new PM are subject to the possible estim electrical interference as old PM. It is something to ask your MD, sorry to give you such a medically conservative answer.

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