Polar monitor or PM malfunction?

I recently rejoined the gym and have been experiencing odd readings on my Polar monitor. It will jump to above my high rate then show a reading of anywhere from 0 to 140 then level off. It primarily happens when doing isometric exercises for core strengthening as opposed to on cardio equipment. I wore it outside the gym to rule out interference from equipment and it happens when at rest also, although not as frequently. Since I'm not sensitive to fluctuations in my heart rate, I can't really tell if it is a malfuntion of the polar monitor or that the pacemaker settings need to be tweaked. The polar monitor isn't very old and they are supposed to be very accurate. I am 100% paced with a dual lead device. Has anyone had similar experiences or have any thoughts?


It is the monitor

by hotform - 2008-03-09 10:03:03

It is your Polar monitor.
Mine has done the same thing and has even shown a heart rate of 220 when I was standing still taking my pulse and it was only 60. With mine, it usually means the chest strap needs to be repositioned. Although I did have to send mine in once and found out that the watch was malfunctioning. It was still under warranty and they replaced it. Rick

Similar Circumstances

by windway - 2008-03-10 05:03:21

I have a PM with a dual lead, and before it was fitted in July 2006 I used to love to run on the treadmill in the Gym. My polar watch would show when I was running on level 10 ( 10 kilometers per hour/ 6 miles per hour) a heart rate of about 150 BPM.This was good for my age and I was happy to run 10k in the hour at this rate for cardio exercise.

Since having the PM, which is set to a high max of 142BPM , I can only walk fast at level 6.5KPH/ 4MPH. before I reach the maximum BPM set. I used to try to run but on the slower rate for me of level 8KPH/4.7MPH , but this would have the effect of dropping my BPM to a really low reading , just like you have experienced.The reading would most times eventually settle after quite sometime at around 110BPM if I continued to run. The BPM would be a correct reading because I would feel unwell if I continued running with this low paced BPM.I had to stop and I rarely attempt to run now.

I have thought that this could be my own heart trying to work on its own, and stopping the PM working, but I have been told I have complete heart block.

Also if I walk slowly at 4.6 KPH /3MPH I can get into the fat burn zone and maintain 120 BPM. I can maintain this for an hour or more without variance of BPM, but it is strangely a higher BPM rate than if I try to run.

So I can do cardio exercise by walking fast at 4MPH !!!

Polar Monitors

by Riverdevil - 2008-03-21 12:03:14

I had a single lead pacemaker installed last August and have recently started training at the gym again. I have always used a Polar heart monitor ( for the last 5 years) and am now finding odd readings from the readout on the Lifecycle treadmill. The reading immediately goes to a BPM of 148 and stays there. Is there a conflict betwen the Polar Chest strap and the Pacemaker? Is the Polar Monitor defective or could it be the Lifecycle Treadmill? Maybe I just can't use a heart rate monitor anymore. Any suggestions?

Gym Monitors vs personal

by dtread - 2008-03-25 10:03:51

Somebody told me that if you wear a heart rate monitor in the gym while exercising (if the gym has cardio equipment with built in heart rate monitors) that your heart rate monitor might affect (or I guess conflict) the heart rate monitor on adjacent cardio equipment. That might be because the Polar has a transmitter and a receiver. The chest strap unit has the transmitter and the watch is the receiver. If the cardio equipment in your gym has built in heart rate monitors, you might try using them instead of your own unit. I have a PM and have not had any problems with the built in heart rate monitors on the cardio equipment at the gym I frequent. You could also try contacting Polar, or the manufacturer of the cardio equipment you're having the problem with, and get their input. I also use a Polar heart rate monitor when bicycle riding, with no problems.

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