Ding Dong of Doom

Hi, I had my pacemaker put in 2 years ago this month and was so scared I didn't know what to do. I posted a few messages and eventually started feeling better. I had passed out once in the back yard and just thought I was over doing. Then a week later passed out at work and then 5 times before the ambulance took me away and they put a pacemaker in right away. I'm 100% dependant and have had some anxiety attacks. One thing that does bother it is big powerful speakers. I went to a work party and knew they had stereo speakers, but thought I would just stay away from them, within an hour my heart was racing and I could hardly breathe. My husband got me out of there fast and we found out later they had mounted wireless speakers to the underside of the tables and on every wall, even behind pictures. Once outside I was better, but called the doctor from the car. He said I was fine, I wasn't going to die, go home and get some sleep. When I saw him the next day the check on the pacemaker came back fine. I still do feel tired, but work every day, take care of my grandkids and run my own business as well and I'll be 60 in December.
I've found even family members forget...even though you can't see it, it's still there and for me, I do get anxious and sometimes think too much about what could go wrong and work myself into a tizzy. I still have some sharp pain in the scar area, but the doctor says that's normal because I'm "young." I get upset when they check it and shut it down to see if my heart will kick in again. It ususally doesn't so they put it back on again. I don't like that at all, it just means I have to be vigilant about getting the battery checked.
Don't let the folks who want to scare you get the best of you, education is the best defense. ...and for the lady who said that doctors interfere with God's will, I believe that God gives the doctors the knowledge and skill to keep us alive! I have a daughter who was diagnosed with cancer at 1-1/2 and given a 20% chance to live for 6 months. She is 27 years old now, after 2-1/2 years of chemo and 9 operations she's healthy, happy and graduating from college this year! God love the medical profession!


Loudspeaker Magnets

by peter - 2007-09-18 03:09:51

We should all remember that some loudspeakers have very powerful magnets in them. This can close the magnetic reed switch inside your pacemaker setting your pacemaker into the "MAGNET RATE" which is quite a bit higher than normal. But may disturb some people. I often wondered what that reed is doing there. I have concluded it is there so that if you are away from your local hospital where they do not have the right computer to talk to your pacemaker they can at least place a magnet over the sight to see if it changes your rate . Mine should beat at 100 bpm if they do this ,but it could be lower if the battery was nearing end of life. So at least a third world hospital with only a ecg machine could carry out some basic checks and decide if you had a problem with your pacemaker or whether the problem was elsewhere. Hope you find that informative. Peter

Take Faith your not alone

by gldoble - 2007-09-18 11:09:02

We now have these little bunnies running our motors for us. To be afraid is normal. However fear should not rule your life. We have a tool that helps us and very probably it does a great job most of the time. If you worry about "what if's" and this or that then you won't be able to enjoy your life let alone your grand kids.

I'm 50 have been back at work since 3 days after my implant. Am I fearful? I was, mostly about yanking the leads out, mine is a PM & IDC. Right now nope.

The reason I'm not afraid is that I and all of us who have our little bunnies have been given more time than we would have had. I survived my duty at the end of Vietnam, survived the cold war, drive 124 miles one way to work. And I will still be around to see my 4 year old daughter get married. So do I worry about what if"s...Nope. Got to much live'n to do.

Yes you have to be careful, however there is a big differance between being careful and frightened. And all that being frientened means is that your are alive enough to know it.

So take a litle bit of faith in the what has been given to you and I and enjoy every good, every bad and every boreing minute of every day.

You are here aren't you?


My comment

by janetinak - 2007-09-19 01:09:13


Two things I'd like to share. One is that when I got my 1st PM 7 yrs ago @ 61 my PM site was uncomfortable for almost a year. Not so much sharp pains but annoying. My Dr. explained that they put my PM in a pocket in my (L) shoulder area muscle & body had to heal around it. It did & is OK now. Replacement 3 years ago (lead & PM) did not cause near the discomfort in shoulder as 1st.
Second, I had a PM rep. turn down my PM too fast or too low before the nurse/tech came in & told him I was 100% PM dependent. Very, very strange feeling. Thought I was a goner. Reversed immediately when I said something but if someone new comes in when I am being tested I speak up & tell them I am a 100%-er. Maybe it annoys them but no-one has done it since. As I had it put for Atrial Fib.speeding up doesn't bother me @ all. And now I speak up they don't slow it down w/o warning me & I just try & think good thoughts & it is over really fast. Seldom notice it now when they slow it down. I think it gets better longer you have it & as others say it just the greatest thing going. Are you worried that battery will go dead w/o warning? I had my 1st poop out after 3 years & it gave me & the tech's a lot of notice. That was on one my major concerns initially. Good luck.


by NU-B - 2007-09-25 02:09:31

Thought I was all alone.........nice to be able to read comments - thinking some of these symptoms were "all in my head" - just 54 in July - had CRT-D put in the end of March/2007 - had some trouble - two leads came off and had to have it -re-wired - so to speak the following week.... still have some anxiety - just a little pain at the site - which I've been told will eventually go away - probably just when I need a battery change - would be my luck.. at work - so can't be on here too long - but will be back - thanks to all of you even though I don't know you --- yet - anyway...

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