Gold Necklaces/Pendants

Hello All,

I am new to the "Club". I got a Medtronic Adapta L implanted on June 17th. I may be wrong, but I don't think so -- my necklace seems to "stick" to the pacemaker site. I am guessing that it generates some level of electromagnetic field.

Does anyone else experience that, am I crazy or neurotic?

If you do, can the metal (Gold) cause any ill effect.

Thanks for any responses. I think this site is wonderful, and have read many of the wonderfully inspiring posts. I wish everyone in the "Club" the success with their devices and as "normal" a life as possible.


Gold necklaces

by granny99 - 2010-07-21 06:07:57

I guess it is all in my mind. Thank you.


by granny99 - 2010-07-21 07:07:47

I feel like the Bionic Woman! : )


by ElectricFrank - 2010-07-22 01:07:36

The skin over the transplant site has been affected by the surgery. It may be that it just has a texture that tends to stick to smooth objects. Chances are it will go away with time. Another thought is that there may still be some adhesive material from the bandage on the skin. You could try some cosmetic powder over it to see what happens.

Once the raw incision healed I cleaned mine up with an alcohol swab, but most people don't like to do that.


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