we are building a house

and planning on putting in a house generator in case of loss of power. We are building in the country and Com Ed is famous for it LOL
The placement of the generator will be outside of my master bath along the private deck we have there. My bed will be on the opposite side of the room and i'm sure i won't be soaking in the tub during a power outage, but while discussing the generator with our electrician, the thought crossed my mind as to weather the generator would interfere with my PM.
anyone know before i make a call to my doctor?


it's fine

by Tracey_E - 2010-07-13 04:07:32

I live in hurricane country and we've lived on our generator more than once. We shouldn't spend a lot of time up close with it when it's running but other than that it's fine. When it's not running or more than a foot away when it is running won't hurt us. If I plug something in, I do it quickly then get back just as a precaution but I've never felt anything from it.

thanks Tracey

by Max4pups - 2010-07-13 08:07:46

that's exactly what our electrician told me, but he was like don't take my word for it i've never had to deal with it LOL


by J.B. - 2010-07-13 10:07:43

The generator will not interfere with the operation of your pacemaker so long as you keepthe two at least least 6 inches apart..

Just in case you ever should get too close to it or anything that does affect your pacemaker you will probably feel it instantly as an irregular heart heat. When this has happened simply get away from the source of the interference and your pacemaker return to normal operation with no harm done.

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