Hello everyone. I'm Cher and 60 yrs. old. Just found this website this morning. I had my St. Jude's PM put in 2/15/10 and had to have the lead reattached to my heart on 2/16/10. I have healed pretty well. I have a couple of questions for everyone. I happened to think - I have my yearly mammogram scheduled for September. I'm thinking I won't have any more of those? Also, for about 3 weeks now, my left thumb hurts to move it back and forth, have pain in upper left arm, my left shoulder is swollen - if you look at me, my left shoulder is higher than my right. Also the bone that is at the top of your chest that runs from the middle to your shoulder - I will get pains in it periodically. It hurts to have clothing rub on my PM site. I can see wires bulging and it is swollen a bit. Went yesterday to have cardiologist look at it. He wasn't there but Pacer Nurse was - she told me she has seen worse (didn't make me feel any better). She was going to call the doctor to see if he wanted to see me (never mind, I paid $35 copay to her). Still haven't heard from doctor's office - so must not be anything to worry about. I also can't use the ATM from my car, it hurts my left arm. Is all of this normal?


thank you

by cher1949 - 2010-05-04 05:05:38

He Cabg Patch - Thanks so much. This site, in one day, has been so informational. I regret not finding it sooner. I intend to get my mammogram - just wasn't sure if it was OK.

Site Pain and tenderness

by cruz - 2010-05-04 06:05:40

I'm 8 weeks since PM implant. I still have soreness although it has improved greatly. When my clothing brushes against the site, it feels like it is brushing against a place where I have a raw wound. I'm just getting used to that. When I drive up to an ATM, I am just now getting to the point that I can stretch the arm to use it. Patience and time....


by sln - 2010-05-04 11:05:27

Hi - I've had mammograms since getting my PM and they haven't hurt any more than they normally do. That's not saying much, though! It felt like it pulled a little at the pacemaker site but it didn't hurt. I waited until I had had the pacemaker for a number of months, though.

Everyone is different...

by qwerty - 2010-05-04 12:05:30

Hi Cher,
Give yourself time to heal. My wires were sticking up so high after three weeks, I was really worried. At 6 weeks they were still up and when the Dr. saw it, he pushed the whole thing down (so it swelled up again) and said it probably would not stay. He said this happens. He was concerned that the wires were so close to the surface, so I get to go back (another $40) for him to check it in June. He also noted that it could "settle" some more... up to 6 months and not to give up yet. They have settled a little. The wires still stick up and there is still probably some concern with it coming through the skin, but after some discussion with the Doctor regarding the options, which included cutting it open again, and the risk of infection, I decided I was going to try to live with this for a while.
My incision is sensitive to touch. and my clothes irratate the site, even after this long. But as long as there is no redness or indication of infection, I don't think there is anything to worry about. There are lots of posts about ways to "help" the sensitivity. My Doctor suggested a gauze pad over the "wires" but the tape drove me crazy. Some say old shoulder pads work good with a little velcro.
As for your shoulder. I don't know if that is normal. My shoulder was sore for almost 6 weeks. I really thouht they had broken my collar bone for a while, but it slowly got better. I emphasize slowly.
As for the mammogram. You can still do that. No problem. I will be 60 this year and have always had one, but not getting one this year. Not because of the PM, but just because I don't want one this year. Maybe next year. I am not convinced they need to be done every year. I have a friend who does the Mammograms. She assured me they did them for folks with PM's all the time.
You had your PM on the Left. I had mine on the right (don't know why... he just said it was better for me??) So, you should probably just go in at the bank until you are cleared to lift your left arm.
Hope this helps. Feel free to email me anytime.
Keep us posted.



by Hot Heart - 2010-05-07 10:05:00

had mammogram and breast scan this week, all is fine by the way.

The mammogram was fine, just told the tech about the pm, my wires are really close to the skin, she was gentle and it was perfectly alright, no different to normal mammogram.

Got slight ache last couple of days, nothing awful, am sure it will be gone in a couple of days.



by sheilagail - 2010-07-16 03:07:08

IN time it will settle in your body and not seem so protrude like it does now. maybe six months for me.

annoying site

by sheilagail - 2010-07-16 03:07:44

Ive had my icd 3 years, and if I touch the site, I can feel the box and all the wires , almost like I can trace them under the skin.. I was told the best thing you can do for yourself is. Dont Touch IT., just leave it alone no matter how tempting it is to just check it out and see how it feels. Leave it alone, after a while it wont be such a bother. I am conscious of mine when I shower and try to reach around to wash my right shoulder . Its located in my upper left chest under the clavicle .
It feels like a foreign body still if I think about it. I never carry my handbag on that side still, or any packages or straps of any sort. For a long time , I placed a tissue under my bra strap so it wouldnt interfer or touch the site, that helped a lot. Just avoid it, and try to ignore the site., you will get used to it adventually.

Getting friendly with my PM

by preciouspets - 2010-10-16 03:10:03

...thanks to everyone for all your comments. I am a 6 week PM user. I have learned more from this site in 10 minutes than all the questions that I posed to my Dr since
my surgery.
I am a very active 68 woman; I swim laps at least 4 days a week and walk daily, and love to travel.
Probably I am a little too focused on signs and symptoms right now but as soon as I feel I have learned enough on the subject I plan on getting back to a full life again.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to all of you.

how long?

by kaydee - 2015-10-15 03:10:37

I agree, drying off from a shower includes avoiding any place near my pm - From fast food to post office to bank drive through, it is still painful to reach. I got my pm in August, and it is still really tender. I am a side sleeper with insomnia, so every time I roll over it hurts. How long before you could go about your day without pain?

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