Radio Towers

I will be returning to work on Monday one week after my implant. About 100 yds from our building is a huge radio tower. Do I need to be concerned?



by bzymom320 - 2010-02-27 01:02:54

One week??? I hope you don't have to do stuff with your arms. I was told not to do anything with my arm on the implant side for 3 weeks. I have some other health issues but even if I didn't my doctor wouldn't release me to go back for 3 weeks from surgery.

Hope you do okay! I wish you the best!

how should I be feeling?

by Bess - 2010-02-27 04:02:25

Thank you so much, WonderBoy, for the information. The information they gave me at the hospital was so general that I was really concerned. I have already had issues with the cordless phone and dizziness. However, I found that if I use the speaker button and keep the phone about a foot from me the dizzy spells stopped.
And bzymom320, I am concerned about returning to work so soon, but finances require it. My husband's job was hit by the recession and he is only getting two days a week maximum. Since my job is mostly done sitting down, the doctor gave his consent with extreme cautions. I tried venturing out of the house the first time today to pick up some gauze and tape to change the dressing on my wound, and was exhaused by the time I got back home which was less than an hour.
I don't know what is normal. I am having mild dizzy spells. My left arm pit aches and I have pressure in my left chest and back, like a bloated feeling.

Take it easy

by qwerty - 2010-02-27 11:02:42

I was originally told I could go back to work after a week. After the surgery, I questioned this and Dr asked me if I had more time. I was fortunate and said I could stay off what ever I needed to. He changed my paperwork to 3 weeks off. I sure was glad. Everyone heals differently, and you will be fine,but let those folks at work wait on you some. Anytime someone offers... take their help. Just get as much rest as you can for at least another week. Keep your arms down. If you need to Whine a little, it is OK... do it!!. Some folks on this board are super people and were ready to go back to work after a week. Me... I wont say I could not have done it, but I am glad I took the extra time. Instead of going back and getting through ... I was recharged and ready to take on the world. The PM is great, but you need to give it time to settle in, so just take it easy.
Hope you have a very speedy recovery

Radio Tower Question

by WonderBoy - 2010-02-27 12:02:46

So long as you are at least 25 feet from the antenna on top the tower you will be safe.


by honywood - 2010-04-27 09:04:51

You should be ok with the tower. Does is support the mobile phone network or in use for radio or TV?
I work in radio so have had to make very slightchanges after my ICD fitted.
The only concern i have had so far is to ensure my moblie fone is not in my shirt pocket (ie on top of the ICD!) and ry to use it on my right ear rather than left ear!
Apart from than that so far so good.
(BTW I am in the UK & the nurses at Manchester Royal were out of this world for info on this and everything else)

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