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In my case, things are kind of an experiment. I think it's a mutual feeling between my docs and I. I have had arrhythmias for 8 years, had 3 ablations - the last one my phrenic nerve was froze with a -82 degree cryoblation cath, and I have tried every medication known to man. My cardiologist suggested pacemaker with beta-blocker therapy. I was headed for an AV Node Ablation if the Tikosyn that I was trying didn't work. Well, after the 2nd day of Tikosyn, I was on the lowest dose with a long QT, and my arrhythmia returned. I suggested to my EP, my cardiologist's idea, and we all agreed it was worth a shot. I have a pacemaker capable of dual chamber pacing, but for right now we're just pacing my atrium with one lead. For right now, we're trying the least complicated thing since I'm only 33. It's good to know though, that I already have a pacemaker implanted that could handle another lead if it comes to that.
So far, so good. So now- I've been labeled Brady-Tachy. Hee, Hee. Thanks for your response and support.


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