Tikosyn treatment

I'm 33 and getting myself mentally prepared for yet another med change. My EP doc swears this is the last one. If this doesn't work than it's a pacer for me, which I'm at peace with. (I've tried everything, except Amiodarone which I refuse to try because of the side effects.) My EP, who is wonderfully charismatic and skilled has decided not to do the AV Node ablation/pacemaker insertion unless I get a second opinion from another EP. This reassures me that my doc really does care about my wellfare. He just wants to make sure that he's not missing something since ablating my AV node is so final. So during my 3 day hospital stay (4 hours away from my hometown) for Tikosyn, my doc has arranged an EP consult with another doc. This will be the 2nd opinion visit. I'm not doing another ablation, as I've already had 3 with the last one paralyzing my R-phrenic nerve, so I'm not sure what good this 2nd opinion will be. We'll see. What is the 3 day hospital treatment like? I will be all by myself, and 4 hours away from my friends/family. I have a feeling that it will be like I'm being held captive. What is the follow-up while using Tikosyn? Do you have to have repeat EKG's, blood work, and doc visits every 3 months? Just wondering.



by thomast - 2008-07-18 05:07:18

I was changed to Tikosyn about 3 years ago as the Sotalol was making me so sick I could not eat. During your 3 day stay in the hospital you will be given a Tikosyn morning and evening, and an EKG taken one hour later, that is all there is to it. As for follow up I send in my data by phone once every 3 months and see the doctor 0nce a year unless something unusual happens.


by Susan - 2008-07-19 12:07:24

I was on Tikosyn about 2 1/2 years. It did not bring about immediate NSR but I eventually got NSR. For the hospital stay, go preprared with books, magazines, puzzles, ipod or whatever you enjoy. Also treat yourself to a new housecoat and slippers to encourage yourself to get up and keep moving. Tikosyn has no side effects for most people. There were no follow up tests but then I have a pacemaker and through the interrogation process the amount of time I was in afib/aflutter was recorded.
I'm sorry that your ablations haven't been successful. There are other procedures that may be alternatives to an AV node ablation and a pacemaker. Having an AV node ablation/pacemaker is not viewed as a cure for afib which is something to undertand before signing up for the procedure. I would certainly encourage you to explore other options before getting a pacemaker.


by Stacey28 - 2008-08-12 06:08:49

I was on Tikosyn for a day and the doctor didn't like what he saw on my EKG in the hospital and was switched to Rythmol SR. I have had no problems with the Rythmol SR. for my Atrial Fibrillation.

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