Dear All
I have had my pacemaker now since December 04 and I am still having problems. just last weekend I was rushed into the A&E with a rate at 170bpm I was told my blood pressure could not cope with such a high heart rate? I have yet again been referred to the heart hospital on Monday for more tests. my symptoms are still the same as before the pacemaker was fitted, except I no longer fall unconscious, which I know is a massive improvement. But I still have palpation's and feeling light headed, and tired all the time.
They tell me I have Sick Sinus Syndrome. It took them 3 years to find the problems as every time I fell unconscious I was rushed into the A&E and by the time I got there my rate was back to normal. they cut me were the pacemaker has gone and placed a reveal device in my chest this was able to tell them that my heart had stopped and restarted at 6bpm. My point is that all my life has been spent in and out off hospitals, as a child I was treated for Cystic Fibrosis for 14 years and was told after 14 years that it was a miss diagnosis although I have had 4 chest infections since last October. I believe a lot of my problem is that i am suffering from Anxiety.But cannot seem to find the support here in the uk, being a 44 year old male. is it just me or have any of you been thought this? This is an excellent site by the way I have been a member since my pm was fitted but have never posted a message, hope you are not to harsh with your response.

Kind regards



You are not alone..........

by swilson10 - 2007-03-31 10:03:45

I assume that if you have reviewed the site you can see that many of us are not only dealing with the physical impairments in our hearts, but also the emotional energy it can take to survive that. I have always had a more anxious temperament, however since being diagnosed and implanted with a pacemaker for SSS my anxiety has increased to a level required treatment. I encourage you to not only pursue treatment for your heart, but also for your emotional needs. Best of wishes to you.


by randrews - 2007-04-01 12:04:51

I have only had my pm for a couple weeks but my anxiety and panic feelings were immense. These feelings were worse than any pain I was feeling. Take care friend, talk to people here and find friends and family that can support you, and that you can support.

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