My husaband had had a hip replacement, brain operation after being beaten 38x in thehead with a steal baseball bat.(They did not think he would wake up after surgery). He was awaiting back surgery & the police picked him up on suspicion of bank robbery, running a& jumping 8 ft. fence.(totally incapable). I called the institution & told them he is on 800 mg. of morphine a day if you cut him off he has several aneurysms(sitting in several places),he'll have a heart attack, aneurysm or die. He had a heart attack and has a pacemaker. It wasn't working properly .It took 3 months for them to take him in he went into seizures. Now they want to do a full body (he's not sure)MRI or ct scan.Where do I get the do & don't's of people with pacemakers?


mri is out

by jessie - 2009-10-24 05:10:26

catscans are okay i think. it is a crazy world we live in for sure. hope they listen to you. jessie


by J.B. - 2009-10-24 05:10:45

He should not have a MRI, but to get the official word, ask a doctor or the manufacturer of his pacmeaker. As Jessie said cat-scan is OK. Find out what they are going to do and contact the manufacturer at the telephone number on his pacemaker I.D. card, or by internet.

Handling officialdom

by ElectricFrank - 2009-10-24 10:10:29

The only way to have any effect on a situation like your husbands is to have a doctor who knows the situation communicate directly with at the institution. They are not going to believe you no matter what you say. Probably a lawyer would be a good thing as well.

very familiar with jail workings

by gargoyle725 - 2009-10-25 08:10:12

I am still new to pacemakers but I do know alot about jails. I have been a jailguard for over 10 years. like someone else asked how old is your husband? what city and state is he in? if he is in my area I can easily help. the social worker may be able to help but @ my location all they do is pretty much let inmates free phone calls.An attorney is the best way but costly. Call the medical supervisor at the jail. there are other people to call but it all depends on the facility. let me know where he is and I will try to give you the next step.

re: deal

by susieq5351 - 2009-10-25 09:10:08

He was in a super jail for 18 months.Innocent. His lawyer dump trucked him they call it. No witnesses.DEal get 2 extra years federal, then with good time hopefully get parolled. Or wait for 2 years for a trial. This institution is the one I called and told them if they took him off the high does of morphine he would have a heart attack or aneursym(he has many that cn let go) or die. We know what we are doing they said. I said I'm in the medicall field and have caregived im throughout going from a 2 yr old back. That when he had a heart attack and got the apcemaker &it wasn't working right and it stook months .He went into a seizure then they took him the hopsital to check it out


by susieq5351 - 2009-10-25 09:10:28



by susieq5351 - 2009-10-25 09:10:50

In Frontenc ,Kingston

Morphine and dump truck lawyers

by ted - 2009-10-26 07:10:38

Frank's comment is right on. I can't imagine any jail or prison giving an inmate daily doses of Morphine just because some wife or friend calls up and says that the inmate needs the drugs. Remember that a huge percentage of people in jails are there either directly or indirectly because of drug addiction. They would love to be able to receive daily doses of morphine or anything else that is mind altering. So jailers have to be skeptical.
I've been a trial lawyer for many years, and I thought that we only had "dump trucks" in the United States. Good luck to you.

re: meds'

by susieq5351 - 2009-10-27 06:10:28

All the medical paperwork from the Dr.s went with him. Lawyer had them. I faxsed them to the institution. He had a cat scan yesterday and everthing went ok. I so lad I found thid site. Thanks

canadian jail?

by gargoyle725 - 2009-10-28 07:10:01

I am in the US and dont know much about canadian jails.I know that some meds we will not give and some can be brought in with a percription from the DR. I wish I could help more but there are big differences in the legal system.


by lenora - 2009-10-30 01:10:06

800 mg of morphine daily is an exorbitant amount of morphine. I seriously doubt that any correctional facility would have access to that amount of the drug even WITH a legal prescription. They're certainly not going to allow you to bring it into him! If he truly has the medical problems he needs a medical evaluation.

that's not the prob.

by susieq5351 - 2009-11-01 01:11:14

Dr. had him on that they just had to wean over 2 weeks and the heart attck wouldn't have happened. Definitely legal scrip. The Dr. had him on that dosage for 3 years. Amazing. I sure agree it was too high. but its not a medication that can be be stopped abruptly. No he is on a low dose of morphine in the penetenciary. sounds better to me. this happening prior to the deal when he in a super holding jail over a year. they cut him off the day he went in & I heard from him 2 weeks after he went to jail he just got out of the hospitla with a pacemaker He now take =sd Kaadian 10mg every 24 hrs. which is way better. Now all these other problems are popping up (Sorry I Severe ADDéADHD) and sometiems don`t get accross what I am trying to say.
thanks friends.
Sue I wondering about early parole on humanitary grounds

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