Random pains!

emm ok this may sound weird but...
when i was in class the other day my PM (i think it was my pm anyway) started to hurt. It's happened a couple of times and its soo random nothing around me changes jjust pain inside and a kinda hollow feeling!
I shouldn't need a new PM till next sep. but i'm kinda worried.
I had my PM checked this year soo yea =]
Loving This Site!! =D


random pains

by Katelyn - 2009-10-01 02:10:39

Hey, wow another young person with a device! I am 23 and have an ICD... after my implant I would have random sharp pains, but they got better as the months passed by. I'm not sure why you would keep having pains years after an implant though... maybe a nerve is being pinched? Good luck, Katelyn

me too!

by miss_kristina - 2009-10-22 11:10:08

hey, im new to this site. todays my first day.. but i get these weird feelings alll the time! it feels like ur pacemaker is shocking u and the pain just stays there sometimes and it makes my left shoulder hurt and feels like my arm is detatching from my body. everyone thinks im crazy for saying that but they dont know what its like. my friend got a pacemaker a couple years ago and hers does the same thing, especially when were around e/o they like, conduct off one another.

Hollow feelings

by MrsG - 2010-01-19 03:01:24

I haven't had pain but I do have that kind of hollow feeling, my heart beats weird and, wow it is hard to explain! Maybe if I could explain it better my Doc would understand :-( I don't have an ICD just a 2 lead PM so not sure if that makes a difference.
The answers are out there some where :-)
Mrs G

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