What is a EP Test

I have had a PM for 25 yrs ,I had a single lead for Bradycardia and just 2 yrs. ago had a medtronic dual leads put in for SVT .I continued to have Syncope and chest pain and was passing out 3and 4 times a day Back to CICU and the Dr did the Tilt Table Test .I failed and was given a 3rd DX of Neuro Cardio Syncope .Oh before this DX. I was on Digoxin ,then for the NCS I was perscribed Florinef ,a few weeks later my Cardiolgist gave me Isosorbide for the chest pain .Long story short I haven't felt good in 3 yrs and wanted a 2nd opinion .I went to a EP ( so excited that I may be able to get an ablation for this and start to have more energy .) all he did was the same tests my Dr had already done with the same results .I had chest pain when on the tread mill and my EKG was abnormal but he had no explanation for it He had me have a Cat Scan which was full of artifacts ,due to my leads and otherwise unremarkable .So he put in a report for me saying normal and took me off the Isosoorbide and Digoxin because these were going against my other meds for NCS.Iwas given Toprol .Please tell me what a EP test is .


E P Test

by Swedeheart - 2008-03-28 06:03:04

I googled EP Test and found the link below as # 1 on the list. If I read the info correctly an EP test checks the viability of the electrical impulses in your heart. The link below lists information, risks, explanation. I believe it is a reliable source. I am just a patient, however... and I have never had an EP Test. Hopefully someone here who has had one can chime in!


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