arc welding

I'm told that I must discontune using my arc welder, My pacemaker was installed yesterday. Is the problem the machine or the arc? Can a I just do welding some distance fom the machine? How about all my electric drills and grinders? Some of them plug into the wall. Some are battery powered. Is there some kind of protective clothing like that apron the dentst throws over my lap when making an xray. As a metal smith,I can make a lead vest. Or buy a suit of medieval armor. Help! I am not ready to give up sculpture and go back to painting.


welding info

by jimmy412 - 2009-08-29 05:08:29

Limit welding current to less than 130 ampere range. Work in a dry area with dry gloves and shoes. Maintain a 2 foot (60 centimeters) distance between the welding arc and heart device. Keep the welding cables close together and as far away as possible from your heart device, Place the welding unit approximetately 5 feet from the work area. Connect the ground clamp to the metal as close to the point of welding as possible Arrange the work so the handle and rod will not connect the metal being welded if they are accidently dropped. Wait several seconds between attempts when having difficulty starting a weld. Work in an area that offers firm footing and plenty of room for movement. Work with an informed person who understands these suggestions, Immediately stop welding and step away from the area if you start feeling lightheaded, dizzy, or you believe your implantable defibrillator has delivered a shock.

These are suggestions from a Medtronic pamphlet I have, It also says to discuss with your doctor or nurse. Welding seems to have many potential risks associated with it. Hope this helps some.

Search "welding"

by ccmoore - 2009-08-29 05:08:58

There is a search engine at the top of the page in the red pacemakerclub banner.

Do a search on "welding", lots of good information has been posted.



by donb - 2009-08-29 10:08:40

I put off arc welding for 16 years as I was informed by a Medtronic engineer I could weld within the amperage limit and staying at an arms length from the arc. I just didn't have the guts to try so I just continued with my gas welding torch. As I mentioned my background of electronics to the engineer he asked me if I still remembered what a "gimmick" was? Ya, I knew what he meant in that you wrap your leads around each other which minimizes electromagnetic field which of course can upset a PM. Also keeping your ground lead very close to the work pieces being welded.
In this past year I've finally been doing some welding with no effects. As I now have a St. Jude device I questioned their technical dept about tig-mig welding which has been a real no-no and I was told to stay away from the Power Supply a reasonal distance and I could also do some light low amperage welding. I know these welder power supplies operate developing square wave outputs which radiate high frequency signal which can upset a PM, so again I haven't had the guts!!!
Anyone got any ideas???? DonB

Welding technique

by ElectricFrank - 2009-08-30 01:08:06

The Medtronics pamphlet suggestions are excellent. The most likely problem comes from the magnetic field generated by the high current in the welding leads. If you keep the two current paths (hot and ground) close together the magnetic fields cancel each other. This would be true with both AC or DC welding.

Keep in mind that the effects will disappear as soon as the current stops, so if you feel anything unusual just break the arc. The thing I keep in mind in any activity where there is a potential for interference is to avoid getting into a situation where I could fall into a hazardous place. I try to have someone around when I first try something new and then challenge the situation by getting closer to the source than I will normally work.

I don't weld, but am an electronic engineer and have been exposed to transmitters, generators, motors, etc. I never have had a problem.

I would suggest taking a few weeks to get used to the pacer before starting this sort of activity.


arc welding

by hleippe72 - 2009-08-30 01:08:18

Thanks to jimmy/charlie, donb, ElectricFrank, turboz. I'm new to computers as well as pacemaker. I'm afraid I will press the wrong key and delete myself. Anyway, thanks to all for the input which was a great help in wending my way through the internet labyrinth. This is an amazing resource. Since my pacemaker is by St Jude, I found There under RESOURCES I found a place to type in ARC WELDERS and found useful stuff. Kind of OK if you do it right and OK if you don't do it at all.
As we ping jockies would say during WWII, ping jockies don't lose contact, later, Harry


by hleippe72 - 2009-08-30 01:08:22

And thank you to ccmoore!


by turboz24 - 2009-08-30 01:08:24

I have MIG welded more post implant that I did before I got my ICD. Now, I do not use my implant, unless my heart rate exceeds 220 bpm, so I'm not sure if I could replicate a 220 bpm pulse with an EM field from my welder. I try to keep it at arms length, but don't all the time and no ill effects so far.

Deleting yourself

by ElectricFrank - 2009-08-31 12:08:57

Just remember if you accidentally press the wrong key and delete yourself, you can always click on Undo. If that doesn't work check the Recycle Bin. You might be hiding out there. G:



by at120uk - 2010-06-22 05:06:36

I have a Medtronic Kappa, I`m VVI mode for AV block...that’s all I know.

I have used my MIG and MMA welders without feeling anything wrong.
But, I’m reluctant to used them again having found out that it can be a problem.

Pacemakers and welding

by daniam - 2010-11-28 10:11:11

I wanted to start welding again piecemeal after I got laid off from my job and was concerned by the hazard it might present. I found out on the American Welding Societies site their info on it under Pacemakers and Welding. I quess proceed with caution and don't be to frisky. Maybe wear heavy rubberized gloves.

can i weld again

by apple butter - 2012-08-31 05:08:32

i seen that a man use a vest on here to weld was it lead or what i have weld for 40 years up to 3 years ago i have a concerto ll defibrillator implanted medtronic pacemaker

welding jacket

by apple butter - 2013-03-18 07:03:10

can i make a jacket so i can weld

welding jacket

by apple butter - 2013-03-28 08:03:38

can i make a jacket so i can weld

Welding with a Pacemaker,

by patto - 2014-06-14 04:06:52

Hello friends out there my name is Les and I live in a little coastal place called Inverloch in the State of Victoria Australia. I had a pacemaker fitted about 5 weeks ago and prior to that I was always doing DIY jobs building things.This included welding and when I was told no more welding I thought what am I going to do now,because I love building things out of steel,well I joined the pacemaker club to get some information on welding with a pacemaker fitted. I found a lot of info' within the clubs newsletters from other members which was very very helpful indeed. Yesterday at work I told my boss I was going to do some welding to finnish off a project that I started several months ago,and he said ARE YOU, your not supposed to be welding,I said well,maybe not but I'm going to try it so what better time than now. I followed the in instructions that I had read and I can tell you all there were NO PROBLEMS WELDING NONE AT ALL. The process I followed was ,Twist the leads together,don't exceed 120 amps,keep welding point and earth lead as close as possible together,keep leads and welder as far away from yourself as possible and there shouldn't be a problem.The welder I was using is a very old one,about 30 year old with copper coil inside.ARC WELDER.Hope thi is of some help to others that fear something might go wrong, I didn't DELETE myself anyway.cheers all.


by cormac - 2015-03-31 05:03:28

what's the worst that could happen when i start to weld . I have a st Jude pacer


by SdSurf - 2015-10-06 04:10:56

Im a journey man Iron worker for the power company who just got my PM on 9-11-15.

I talked with my Doc about welding and he told me it depends on the PM make and model and what amps you're welding at.

Also if you go on Miller's welding site you'll find a lot of good info on there about welding with a PM...

I myself am done with welding/ironwork and will be relaxing in the comfort of the crane cab flying iron,
Time to let my young union bothers have the fun now...

God bless, be safe....

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