Wind turbines

Has anyone had the experience of pacemaker disturbance when near a wind turbine? Our local hotel has one and I have to drive past quite often. At night especially I freqyuently experience a faster heart rate and thumping that is almost painful when I drive past. It takes a couple of minutes to settle down. I don't think i am imagining it, as even when we are absorbed in conversation and I don't note that we are near it, I will still feel the discomfort. I can't find anything by searching the internet.


magnetic field

by gif - 2009-07-08 03:07:28

Wind turbines do generate magnetic fields.., and we all know what magnets do.

By a bit of googeling:

Turbines dont seem to generate very strong fields, but it would depend on the type of turbine. Do you happen to be able to get the 'model' / name of the turbine?


by pete - 2009-07-08 03:07:45

How large is the wind turbine and how close did you get to the main body /generator at the top of the mast? This is a very interesting observation. Cheers Peter

Our wind powered pub

by medtronic - 2009-07-08 05:07:57

It would be at least 100 metres back from the road, and is also very high, which is why I have doubted its effect (and because there seems to be no evidence of strong interference, as per the article mentioned). But it happens often, so something is causing it. I am usually just recovering when I am nearly home, which is another 3-4 minutes away.At its mildest it is a 'surge' and a sensation, and it at's worst a sharp pain and elevated HR. A couple of years ago my pacemaker malfunctioned and I was very sick until I realised that it was not me but the device. It turned out to have reverted to factory settings, but we never knew exactly what caused it. It's a good suggestion to find out the model (although I avoid bistro meals there these days!)

I believe, it's not...

by paul-c - 2009-07-08 06:07:09

Wind turbines can't generate enough EMF to interfere PM in distance even 20 meters.
Fields dramatically decreases from distance (exponentially).
Where should be another source of EMF.
May be it is a hidden power cable lines, amateur radio transmitter, or something...

By the way...

by paul-c - 2009-07-08 09:07:51

I guess in your district should be some kind of commission, which deals with power energy, EMF, interferences in radio frequencies, so on...
These guys should measure and control radio frequencies.
You can ask them.
If really feel it...
Good luck!

Generators and motors...

by TLR - 2009-07-09 07:07:43

Generators and motors are the same thing in effect just being fed from opposite sides of the windings. A coil of copper and a magnet is all you need for either if we're talking extremely basic principals. So what is my point? You are far more likely to get interference in a lift/elevator than you would from a wind turbine at 100m. in fact a cow chewing a mouthful of grass would probably generate more interference.

I have to ask, does the tower/mast/whatever have phone tranmitters on it? And do you carry a mobile with you? If you do then you should maybe be looking closer at the link between those than the turbine itself.

Just a thought, that is all.

Thanks for the feedback

by medtronic - 2009-07-09 08:07:32

Thanks to all - I appreciate the immediacy of this forum. It seems that there is something else causing my bumps and thumps. There is a phone tower just before the wind turbine and I do have two mobiles with me all the time, but there are phone towers everywhere. There are also cows nearby, so who knows!! On the whole, my pacemaker/defibrillator is doing fine, so I guess that is the main thing.

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