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Hi, all...I just got a call today from my sister-in-law who works in a nursing home. She stated that they received a letter warning any of their residents with pacemakers not to play a Nintendo WII due to interferences with the pacemaker. Has anyone else heard of this? I know the controllers and such are all wireless, and maybe they have quite a strong frequency? Just wondering, as we have a WII at the Personal Care Home I work at!


I never had a problem

by ecf2xtreme - 2009-06-26 05:06:16

the Nintendo consumer safety page says to consult your doctor before using it, but I've never noticed a problem. I don't play a lot but I have played more than once with no problems.


by Tracey_E - 2009-06-26 07:06:38

Who sent the letter? I haven't had a problem. I avoid any exercises like push ups that get my device close to the Fit balance board. I haven't had any problems standing on the balance board or using the remotes and nunchuks.

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